About Brittany Deas

Brittany and her wife Kait on their wedding day.

Brittany Deas is a physical education teacher by day and an avid reader and children’s picture book author by night! She lives in Ohio with her wife, Kait, and their dog, Cash. Brittany has always been told that she has an active imagination and a strong empathy muscle so she loves to write books that are fun and silly that also have a moral or message to them. While she does not illustrate her own books, she is actively looking for an illustrator to collaborate with to make her books come to life. In 2013, Brittany had her first book published with America Star Books called, “It Came from Behind the Dryer” which was loosely based on a true story. As of July 2020 she has a second book published by Austin Macauley Publishing called, “Awesome, Amazing, Wonderful, Incredible, and Fantastic” which is about friendship and gratitude. She is looking for representation for her next project, “I Want to Know Everything”.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or are looking to collaborate in some way! Email: bmdeas29@gmail.com

Our dog, Cash.

My Instagram: @BrittanyDeas

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