Sunday Run Day: 9/13/15

Sunday’s are my long run days. I have a love-hate relationship with these days.

Today, Lori took me out on a six mile loop that had some decent sized hills in it, more than she thought there were. We got to run past a golf course (found some golf balls for Nate on the side of the road) and past an Equestrian Center for the local college. There are a lot of pretty big house back there that are really awesome looking and secluded. You almost forget you are in northeast Ohio. The weather was drizzly but cool which made the run go much faster. Running with Lori is one of the few times I can run with no music. I enjoy chatting with her as we go. I definitely liked the back half of this route more (it was pretty much downhill). I accidentally closed out of my RunKeeper app and forgot to restart it so my whole run wasn’t tracked. Something to keep in mind for next week.

All in all I felt great afterwards and we rewarded ourselves with bagels and chocolate milk. Here is a photo from our run. I wish I could have taken more but I was a little preoccupied with the inclines. You can actually see the lake way off in the distance.


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