Sunday Run Day: 9/27/15

Sunday Run Day actually happened on Saturday this week. I was originally supposed to run a relay in the Akron Marathon on Saturday but after some deliberation with my friends, none of us were able to keep the commitment we made in June. In all fairness, I was volunteered to do the race, it wasn’t necessarily my choice. It turned out to be a good running day though.

It was the last long run before my half marathon (it’s next week, and I am super nervous and excited at the same time!). I set out to do 10 miles. I decided to choose a route that took me through a couple areas with some hills. Nothing crazy, but more of a challenge than last weekend.

As usual, I wasn’t feeling it when I started out. Around mile two I started to fall into a rhythm and was becoming more positive about the 8 miles I had left to complete. Now, I am the kind of runner that once my “groove” gets shaken for any reason, I am a mess for the rest of the run. Just like the emperor, there are a couple things that throw off my groove. I am the kind of runner that doesn’t like to pass the same landmarks twice so out and back races are not my friend. I love big loops and I love long straight aways. There is something about curvy roads or sidewalks that just tire me out more that straight roads. Does any one else have that issue?

This week, there was a first in my running career. I was stopped by a train. IMG_2278

I have run down this particular road SO MANY TIMES and have never once been stopped by a train. I’ve learned that trains can be added to my list of things that throw off my running groove. Having to wait and watch it go by is boring and once I stop running, it is hard to get going again. The main problem was that this was only mile 3 when it happened. I had a problem the rest of the 7 miles. I alternated between walking and running. My time wasn’t as stellar as I was hoping it would be but I just keep telling myself that it wasn’t race day. It was a lead up. I can’t beat myself up over one mediocre run. I have three more short runs to get myself together.

I’m ready for race day.


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