Sunday RunDay: 12/20/15

Getting closer and closer to half marathon day!

Today was a first for this stint in half marathon training; it was snowy! It snowed quite a bit on Friday and Saturday but when I woke up today, no snow was on the roads. I still want to be safe when I run, as everyone should. I know that very few sidewalks would be cleared unlike the streets but Lori suggested I head to the bike path in Chardon because they plow them.

I thought this was a fantastic idea. I wouldn’t have to worry about cars and it has been a pretty long time since I’ve done that route. Perfect for my seven mile run today. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, while the

 path was plowed, it didn’t stop it from being slick with ice. I managed about a mile before I decided I needed a new venue.

I ran the last few miles of my seven in Lori’s neighborhood and beyond. I felt pretty great. I love running in colder weather. I ran in this same neighborhood earlier in the week because I was running later and it was dark out (again, trying to keep myself safe). Lori’s street was decorated for Christmas by so many houses. It was nice to see and a good distraction as I ran. I wish I had stopped to take some pictures.

One other fun fact about today is

 that it marks the nine year anniversary of the surgery I had on my legs for compartment syndrome. At that point in my life I never would have guess my legs would have run so much and had completed all of the races they have. I’ve come a long way.


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