New Year, New Goals

It is officially 2017! Looking back at the past year, a lot has happened in my fitness and running life. Here’s a look at 2016 by the numbers.

  1. I ran 13 races this year.
  2. Seven of my 13 races were races I did for the first time.
  3. I ran races in a total of 4 different states (Ohio, California, Louisiana, and North Carolina)
  4. I ran 3 half marathons, bringing up my total to 5.
  5. I was unsuccessful at PR’ing this year, so that number is a 0.
  6. I played my first season of professional women’s football.
  7. I got to be in 2 games for a total of 7 plays. I also had my first tackle during a game.
  8. I only had one injury during football (tore my UCL in my elbow). I was able to avoid having surgery because I am left handed and I tore it in my right.

Looking at these numbers, there is a lot that I know I can work on. 2017 is the year of my first full marathon. I will be running the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon in June. Because my training for that is going to be very time consuming, I’ve decided (after much debate with myself) that I’m stepping away from football for the season to focus my effort on running. Training starts in February and I’m very excited!

Other goals for 2017:

  1. Start a Master’s program.
  2. Read 25 books.
  3. Update my website weekly.
  4. Spend more time with my Grandma.

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