Athlete Profile: Ashley Pavicic

family race day 2Name: Ashley Pavicic

A short bio about yourself (where you are from, what you do for a living, favorite whatever)

I am a 30 year old wife, mother, teacher and most recently, A RUNNER! I grew up in Perry, OH and am proud to say that I’ve spent the past nine years as an elementary school Spanish teacher at my alma mater. I am a 2007 graduate of the University of Mount Union (GO PURPLE RAIDERS!!!!)! My favorite things (besides running) are baking, crafting and reading books on my Kindle! I also like to shop!!! I am married to my wonderful husband, Paul and together we have two sweet boys: Tommy (5) and Luke (2). We are also parents to a 6 year old yellow lab named Bernie. Our family likes to keep our social calendar busy because it truly makes our hearts full to be with friends and family!

How do you know Brittany?

I know Brittany and her family because we grew up in the same town of Perry, OH! I was also lucky enough to work with Brittany at Perry as she served as a sub on many occasions.

When did your running/fitness adventure begin and why (who or what convinced you you should run)?

A group of my girlfriends started the summer of 2015 with a small running challenge and invited me to participate! Even though “I didn’t have enough time” to run, I committed and powered through the month and the challenge of running thirty miles in June. Jessica, afinish line colleague and friend, suggested that I run a half marathon with her in the fall of 2015. She created a training plan that terrified me. When a “non runner” sees 10-11 mile runs on a training plan, she thinks “How will I ever…..?” Every run became a fun challenge – mapping the route, running a faster pace than the last run and finding out how far a double digit run could take me around the city of Mentor.

My fitness and health adventures have continued beyond running.  The running challenge group has since turned into an online Girlfriend’s Monthly Fitness Challenge group where we lift each other up, embrace imperfections and hard days, encourage healthy lifestyles from food to fitness to mental health and provide accountability!  For a mom of two and a full time teacher, this is the perfect venue to maintain my health!

 What is something you absolutely need to have for every run or workout?

   What I love about running is that I actually don’t need a lot to do it!  I can’t get through a workout without comfortable clothes, my iPhone with headphones, the MapMyRun app to track my progress and Pandora radio (on shuffle).  For long runs, I need a pre-planned route and a small water bottle; for my short runs I like the challenge of creating the route as I go.  I believe that your MINDSET is everything!  Whether my run is long or short, I set out knowing exactly what my goal is and with the attitude that I can do it no matter how tough it gets.    

    What is one of your biggest running pet peeves? (Ex: I hate when cars don’t move over or running without my headphones)

   I get most frustrated when I forget to turn on my running app or if someone calls and interrupts a good song while I am running!  I also learned on a rainy run this fall that it is super annoying to step in a puddle the first mile of your run…running in wet shoes and socks is NOT enjoyable!

What is your biggest motivation for running?

   I found that running really makes me FEEL GOOD!  I am a better mom, wife and teacher….an overall better ME when I make time to take care for myself.  Running gives me an opportunity to have time alone, get lost in music, let go of thoughts and worries and at the same time burn calories, colleen kingtone my body and become a healthier version of myself.

I know from experience that one can lead by example!  When I started running this summer and posting about it, I had several people private message me to tell me that my journey helped them to begin their own!  It is exciting that I can inspire people by running.  Of course, I hope that this example is carried through to the lives of my children, too!


What is the longest race you have done to date? What was your time?

My longest and ONLY race so far was the Towpath Half Marathon on October 11, 2015.  My time was 2 hours 6 minutes at an average pace of 9:38 per mile.  The Towpath was a beautiful, FLAT course and I highly recommend it for someone who wants to make a race debut.  Visit to check out the 2016 Trilogy series.

My sister in law, Mary Pat Pavicic, ran the race with me (and was third place overall female!!!!!), my co-worker, Jessica Miller also ran with me and I re-connected with a college friend, Colleen, through training and met up with her!  Running connected me to so many people!

What goals or aspirations do you have for your fitness or running adventure?

I don’t know how many races are in my future.  I don’t run to compete – I run to complete!  🙂  My goal is to maintain my running.  While I have been on a little bit of a hiatus after the race in October, I just started my plan to get back to running 2-4 days per week.  Since I started my running adventures, I have inspired my mom to start running, too.  She will start officially training for the Cleveland Half Marathon in January and my hope is that I can train with her!

What advice would you give to someone who says, “I’m not good at running” or “Running is boring/awful/hard/[insert negative connotation here]”?

quote and gear   I used to be THAT person that said “I’m not good at running” and “I’m not a runner!”  I even used the excuse “I don’t have time to run!”  I learned this past summer that ANYONE can become a runner!  If you’re looking for a good way to exercise without tools, an expensive commitment to a gym or a lot of time, running is a great option.  Taking one step at a time on that pavement can carve the way for your future in fitness and health!

Favorite race you have run to date?

Towpath Half Marathon – October 2015


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